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Introducing Jidoteki Meta

The Jidoteki service has transitioned to an on-premises virtual appliance for building virtual appliances. Our SaaS, On-Premises.

Jidoteki Meta runs 100% offline and behind your firewall. It gives you full control over your appliance build process, including the ability to automate builds and updates using a REST API. Of course, we use Jidoteki Meta to build and update Jidoteki Meta, and yes the recursion occasionally confuses us ;)

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Chat with us

Tell us your story, and describe your infrastructure.

We'll explain the tools we use, our process and estimated timeline, and provide advice on how to tweak your SaaS to run on-premises.

Tweak your SaaS

Identify external third-party dependencies such as S3 and IronMQ, and use alternatives which can run standalone in a virtual appliance.

Modify your app's source code to run locally.

Package your app following our instructions, for inclusion in your virtual appliance.

GET your appliance

We'll build the first version of your virtual appliance. It will be customized to include your stack's dependencies.

Test it and send a beta to your customers. We'll glady iterate on it until you're happy with the result.

The way a virtual appliance should be

Tiny OS footprint

All Jidoteki virtual appliances are built on TinyCore Linux, a 12MB operating system. We make sure to only include the strict minimum for your app to run.

In-memory OS

The OS and system files are loaded in memory on boot. This ensures the system is immutable and won't accidentally be modified. You get a clean-slate on every boot.

100% Offline. No phone-home.

By default, all Jidoteki appliances are designed to work entirely offline. We avoid and discourage phoning home, to provide your customers with full privacy and control of their data.

Bullet-proof updates

The update process is atomic and can guarantee a successful update with no downtime. Updates can be uploaded to the appliance (offline), or downloaded from a URL (online).

Binary diffs

Update packages contain binary diffs of your app and the OS. An update package can be reduced to only a few Kilobytes depending on the changes it contains.

Signed encrypted update packages

All update packages are signed and encrypted to ensure they haven't been tampered with. Your customers can feel safe about applying software update packages.

Multiple deployment options

Virtual appliances are exported as OVA files, and can run on VirtualBox, VMware, and Hyper-V. The OVA disks can also be converted to run on KVM or XEN.

Console and web management

A console GUI is included for configuring basic network settings. We also include an Admin Web UI so your customers can easily manage their virtual appliance once deployed.


A REST API is included in the virtual appliance, so your customers can automate their updates, retrieve system information, logs, and even reboot the appliance.

Media and customers

Pricing plans per app

(prices listed in USD)


$5000 / year


$1000 / month



Setup includes:
Consulting & onboarding
Initial appliance build
Admin API and UI
Console GUI
Update and management scripts
Appliance build scripts
Custom dependencies
SaaS app packaging guidelines
1-click installation and updates
Logging, debug, and backup utilities
Automated reproducible builds
Meta includes
everything in Setup and:
Jidoteki Meta virtual appliance
1-year maintenance updates
API and UI for creating builds
You maintain full control of your data
1-click installation and updates
Support includes
everything in Setup and:
Telephone/Email/Skype support
Help and advice from our expert team
Dedicated issue tracker
Appliance changes and new features
Custom one-off builds
Premium includes
everything in Setup, Meta, and Support and:
Special access to The Batline

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